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With the first flight of the Orion Multi Purpose Crew Vehicle slated for launch slightly more than two months from now, the two major components for Exploration Flight Test 1 passed major milestones this week.

The Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Module was moved from the Payload Hazardous Processing Facility to the Launch Abort System Facility yesterday (September 28), where it will be mated to its protective launch shroud and abort system. The second image shows the spacecraft shortly after leaving the PHPF.

A few days go, the first and second stages of the Delta IV heavy rocket were mated in the Horizontal Integration Facility at Launch Complex 37. The first image shows the second stage of the Delta launch vehicle shortly before mating to the core stage of the booster in the HIF.

Rollout of the Delta IV vehicle was supposed to be this week, but weather is delaying the process into the first full week of October. Orion is slated to join the vehicle on the pad sometime in early November for integration checks and final testing. If all goes according to schedule, launch will occur at 7:05 AM, December 4.

More information regarding the Delta IV booster integration here.

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Deep cover.

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The Caretaker

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